Research Document 2

Project Name: Tipple Abstract: My project so far has led my research through the Underwater World, initially beginning with specifically underwater cities, this included the lost city of Atlantis and Cleopatra’s lost palace where she committed suicide rather than fall prey to the roman invaders. However, as I continued my research I found myself expending… Continue reading Research Document 2


Sufferers cannot perceive motion in their visual field but they can see stationary objects perfectly. Varying degrees from seeing motion as a cinema reel to an inability to see any motion at all. Inconspicuous Akinetopsia Described as seeing motion as a cinema or a multiple exposure photograph Most common kind of akinetopsia Often occurs with… Continue reading Akinetopsia


Rare Neurological Disorder Described as the inability to perceive more than a single object at a time Coined by Wolpert in 1924, sufferers could see individual details of a scene but cannot grasp the overall image. Dorsal Simultagnosia Caused by Bilateral lesions in the junctions between the parietal and occipital lobes in the brain. Perception… Continue reading Simultagnosia

Points of View

This mindmap shows different types of visual difficulty. Some are real life neurological disorders whereas others are nearly impossible for humans to have (only having rear vision, inability to turn in a certain direction). The most interesting topics I found from this mindmap are the neurological disorders such as Simultagnosia and Akinetopsia, where sight is… Continue reading Points of View