Mermaid Mythology

Japan- Ningyo

  • Show mermaids as monsters with human faces, monkey mouths and sometimes even fangs and horns
  • Eating them gives eternal youth and beauty
  • catching them can bring terrible storms and misfortune.

Scotland- Selkie

  • Gentle creatures
  • Live as seals in water
  • Become Human on land
  • Associated with mermaids because in Gaelic stories they are mentioned as “Maighdeann-mhara”  or “Maid of the Sea”

Brazil- Iara

  • “Lady of the Waters”
  • Originally considered a water snakes that became an immortal woman with green skin and green eyes.
  • Known to lure sailors to her underwater palace, we they became her lovers
  • Blamed for many incidents in the amazon, especially if the disappearance of men is involved.

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