The Kraken!

  • Picture9Largest monster ever imagined by mankind. 2.5km around
  • Haunts the sea and attacks ships with its long tentacles
  • If the tentacles failed it was swim around the ship in circles to create a maelstrom that would drag it down.
  • Could devour ships and crew in one go

Ray Harryhausen’s Kraken

    • Seen in Clash of the Titans in 1981Picture8
    • Stop motion film by Ray Harryausen


  • In the story Zeus released the kraken through Posidon in order to destroy the land of Argos because the king of Argos, Acrisius banished his own daughter, whom Zeus was in love with and had impregnated.

The Kraken in Tomb Raider: Underworld

  • Whilst exploring under the Mediterranean Sea, Lara discPicture7overs an ancient temple which is thought to Niflheim from Norse mythology. Within this temple lies the Kraken which Lara must defeat in
  • order to continue through the game.

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