Knytt Underground

  • 2D side scrolling exploration game


  • Humans have abandoned the planet after almost destroying it in war.
  • Left behind are sprites, fairies etc.
  • They live in underground tunnels, trying the discover the secrets of their origin and the meaning of life.


  • The main character “Mi” develops special powers as the game progresses
  • Goal is to find and ring 6 bells of fate before times runs out
  • A destructive chain reaction will begin that will destroy the planet¬†11

Key Mechanics

  • Exploration
  • Collection
  • Time limits

I chose to look at this game for the fact that it is an exploration and collection based game, many of the topics I had looked into previously have involved some form of exploration or the recovery of artifacts. This game seemed to follow a similar theme.

I also really liked the graphics of this game, the mixture of cartoon, silhouettes and realistic art worked really well together and gave a 2D game a lot of depth.Screenshot 1

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