Game Idea 2

Platform: iOS, Android

2D platformer, endless runner.

Mechanics: Building, Endless Runner, Dodging

Damaged ship must navigate underwater whilst dodging obstacles and hazards.


On screen will be 2 sliding levels. The first will be a damage scale, every time an obstacle is hit on the run the damage scale will fill a certain amount. If it is completely filled the game will end!

The second scale will be a resources scale, this can be filled by collecting the items throughout the run such as wood and nails, when the resources bar is filled you can press the build button, this will drop the damage bar back to zero, it will also reset the resources bar to zero.

tap tap.jpg

Gravity seriously affects the ship, the player must tap the screen to make the boat move upwards and let go to let the boat drop.

USP: Including the damage and repair mechanic adds an extra element to the game. Having the player see that they are nearly at full damage but don’t have the means to repair, will cause extra and stress and tension to the play.

Things to consider: Could this be a multi-player game? A last man standing online play maybe? Is it too close to Flappy Bird?

Meeting with Andy:

I was worried that this game was too comparable to the very successful mobile app Flappy Bird, so I sat down with Andy for a discussion. In incense, he agreed that it was a very close concept, and that there could be ways in which it could be altered to disassociate itself with it.

Firstly, he didn’t like the idea of a ship, it was too unlikely, a ship wouldn’t be able to navigate underwater. Suggested maybe a damaged submarine?

He also suggested making the game dark, possibly as the submarine went deeper, this could add the idea of ‘more risk=more reward’ with players able to collect more resources for repair, but they couldn’t see the obstacles as easily meaning reaction times would have to be a lot faster.

Whilst discussing the potential issues with having a dark game, we came on to the topic of Sonar Imaging, this could be an interesting way to navigate through the game.

Tap tap sonar

Using sonar could be visualised by changing up the colouring of the environment when the solar pulse is sent out, rather than lighting up and showing a normal underwater environment, the colours could be distorted somehow to make it more difficult to see what is happening.

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