Game Idea 3

Using Sonar rather than sight.

Played in the dark, the player must use sonar to navigate around rather than being able to see the obstacles.

Played in 1st person view

Two options for gameplay:


The sonar pulses can be seen on screen, they can see them being sent out and them be reflected back off of the obstacles, they can then try to navigate around them.


Similar to a parking sensor on most cars now, the game will use sound rather than sight, the player can hear intermittent beeps, if they begin to get closer to an obstacle the beeping will get faster, but they will not be able to see where the beeping is coming from. They must move around the screen and listen for the change in frequency of the beeping, if it slows down they know they are moving away from the hazard.

The game will be made for iOS and Android and use the tilting of the phone to move the player.  Because it is played in 1st person and moves forward automatically, there is only the need to move left and right.


Things to think about:

I want to create a game that is stressful for the player and makes them want to continue to play because they are determined to beat the levels.

What about a mechanic where the player is supposed to fail and remember where the obstacles are?

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