• Rare Neurological Disorder
  • Described as the inability to perceive more than a single object at a time
  • Coined by Wolpert in 1924, sufferers could see individual details of a scene but cannot grasp the overall image.

Dorsal Simultagnosia

  • Caused by Bilateral lesions in the junctions between the parietal and occipital lobes in the brain.
  • Perception is limited to single objects with no awareness of the presence of other stimuli.
  • Sufferer could collide with objects in an environment as they are completely unaware of them.
  • Objects in motion appear more difficult to perceive.

Ventral Simultagnosia

  • Damage to the left inferior occipito-temporal junction
  • Can see several objects at a time but can only recognise one at a time

This disorder could be translated into a game easily by only allowing the player to see one thing at a time within an environment, this will make it difficult to navigate through as they will not be able to see certain things meaning they could crash into them.


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