Sufferers cannot perceive motion in their visual field but they can see stationary objects perfectly. Varying degrees from seeing motion as a cinema reel to an inability to see any motion at all.

Inconspicuous Akinetopsia

  • Described as seeing motion as a cinema or a multiple exposure photograph
  • Most common kind of akinetopsia
  • Often occurs with visual trailing
  • Caused by prescription druuuuuuugs!

Gross Akinetopsia

Extremely rare, profound motion blindness and struggle to perform daily living


  • Described pouring a cup of tea/coffee difficult because the fluid appeared frozen like a glacier. Didn’t know when to stop pouring because she couldn’t see the water rising.
  • Had trouble following conversations because lip movements and changing facial expressions were missed.
  • Felt insecure with more than two people in a room
  • Movement is inferred by the changing position of an object or person.
  • Crossing the road is difficult, learned to perceive distance using hearing.
Normal Vision




Normal Vision

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