How I build Mugs in Maya

View Time lapse of Mug Builds here:

My ability in Maya is practically nil! I followed a Youtube tutorial to build a basic mug shape then when I felt I had more of a clue what I was doing I modified the process to create mugs of all different shapes and sizes.


I found this process of build to be really simple and easy to modify to create all sorts of different mug styles and shapes. However I did find that the mug handles were a little difficult to shape and size to fit the mug I was building which left some of them looking a little lopsided.

One issue I really found was that sometimes when I merged the vertices of the mug and handles together sometimes I would accidentally select the vertex inside the mug as well as the outer side which would cause a dent inside the mug where the inside was dragged outwards. I have to be aware of this as I continue to build more mugs to try and avoid this. See picture below.Circled Dent

Sample of mugs I have build so far, these can be altered and resized to create new mugs for the game without the having to take the time to build new ones from scratch

As I am still very new to Maya I don’t know how to properly texture an object, part of my schedule for Semester 2 is to learn how to and go through every mug I have made to texture it.

These are very basic shapes and don’t hold a huge amount of interest, I hope that adding texture and patterns will add more interest to the look of the game. Some have also not smoothed out as they should for the render, I have no idea how to fix this but I hope to discover whats wrong before they are exported into the game.

NOTE TO SELF: Always save as a scene! Makes for opening to edit a lot easier.


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