My Little Prototype

This is a screen capture of the prototype of the game I am trying to make. It works on a time basis, a mug of the size of the one in the video would take around 3 seconds to fill. In order to fill the mug perfectly you need to poor for within a second of 3 seconds. If you pour for less than 3 seconds you will not fill the mug enough but if you pour for over 3 seconds you will overfill the mug and it will spill.

I need to find a way to progress to the next mugs after the previous one has been filled. I also want to redo the reaction images for after the mugs have been filled because I don’t fell like they fit with the 3D mugs. I think they need to be made more 3D to fit in. The teapot asset is a placeholder, I had built one but it didn’t input into Unity properly and wouldn’t show in the scene. I need to rebuild a teapot that will properly export and import into Unity.

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